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Section 1

This Ordinance shall be known “An Ordinance levying fees and regulating local or transient fish vendors (wholesalers or retailers) buying or purchasing fish from fishermen catching fish within the Municipal waters of Catarman, Camiguin and selling the same outside this municipality and vendors bringing in fish for sale to the people of Catarman.”

Section 2

Definition of Terms:

1. Local fish vendors are those permits and license to operate business were issued by the Municipality of Catarman, Camiguin.

2. Transient fish vendors are those whose license to operate business were issued by other Municipalities within or outside the province of Camiguin.

3. Fee or Fees shall mean market fees.

4. Fishermen shall refer to all fishermen fishing or catching fees within the municipal waters of Catarman.

5. Municipal water of Catarman shall include the area bounded by the following:

North – Boundary of Catarman and Mambajao at Tonagwe Bonbon , Catarman.

South- Boundary of Catarman and Sagay at Tangaro

East- Shoreline from Tangaro to Bondon.

West- 7 km. from the shoreline of Catarman.

Section 3

Fish vendors, local transient (wholesalers or retailers) buying fish from fishermen catching fish in the territorial water of the municipality of Catarman. Province of Camiguin, shall, before bringing the fish outside Catarman from any place within the municipality pay to the office of the Municipal Treasurer of any of its authorized representative, a fee at the following rate:

1. Fish sold by fishermen measured in boxes - P2.00/box or a fraction


2. Fish bought from fishermen measured in kilos or any other terms - P.05/kilo

Section 4

Fish vendors doing business within the municipality of Catarman, regardless of the source of his/her stocks offered for sale shall pay a fee f 5% of the gross sales. In no case however, shall transient fish vendors shall be permitted without first securing a Mayors permit and a sanitary permit from the Rural Health Unit in the municipality of Catarman, province of Camiguin.

Section 5

Penalty – Any person send violating this ordinance or a hereof shall be subject to the following penalties:

1. First Offense – fine of not less than P50.00 not more than P100.00

2. Second Offense – fine of not less than P100.00 not more than P300.00 and imprisonment of not less than 10 days and not more than 20 days.

3. Third Offense – fine of not less than P300.00 not more than P100.00 and imprisonment of not less than 20 days not more than 30 days and the revocation of the permits and license to operate business.

Section 6

This ordinance shall take effect 15 days from its approval.


RESOLVED FUTHER, to furnish copy of this ordinance the Municipal Treasurer and the FC/INP Station of Catarman, Camiguin for their information and implementation.

I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the foregoing.



Municipal Secretary

APPROVED: February 28, 1985


Municipal Mayor